Monthly Archives: January 2012

Johnny Rapid gets fucked like a sex doll

There are some hotels where the service goes above and beyond what you might expect. In this scene from the Drill My Hole site I think they take things to the extreme though. If I could stay at a hotel where I could order up Johnny Rapid to take my cock like a fuck toy I don’t think I would ever leave!

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Johnny Rapid is a bottom bitch!

This video from the Jizz Orgy site is the kind of hardcore gay gang bang that would make me wish I had more holes than I actually do! With so many gorgeous men ready to stick their cocks into me I would be wanting to take them all simultaneously – while I might be a greedy cock pig like Johnny Rapid, I can only take one dick in my ass at a time , unfortunately lol

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Don’t Drop The Soap Johnny!

We’ve probably all heard about the kind of hardcore fucking guys get in prison, but although it’s probably more like being a bitch for a stinking biker daddy or a racist red neck with missing teeth, this is the kind of prison shower fuck that’s likely to get us all considering committing a crime! Gorgeous Johnny Rapid is about to experience the real deal at the hands of Rafael Alencar in this hardcore gay prison sex scene from the Drill My Hole site!

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