A fair trade for Johnny Rapid


I love this video, because it shows just how horny for cock these guys are. Johnny Rapid loves to get some dick no matter what the scenario is, and he’ll trade some cock action at any opportunity he can get. This time it’s Jason Goodman humping that ass with his hung jock cock at Str8 to Gay!

As Johnny himself says in this video, he has many skills, but the best one has to be his ability to work sex into everything he does!

Built jock boy Jason Goodman is washing his car and showing it off as he gets ready for a hot date, and Johnny would love to borrow his ride (does that happen a lot, strangers lending other guys their car? lol)

He’s willing to make a fair trade for it too, and he tells Jason that he’s very skilled in lots of things ;)

Indeed he is, but that hot hunk getting his hung jock cock sucked by Johnny is not so bad at gobbling on a stiff dick either and really matches Johnny’s oral abilities lick for lick as he spits all over the lads shaft and gives him one of the wettest blow jobs I think I’ve seen for a while! lol

You know Johnny has plenty of other great skills too though, right? Like lending out his hairy little fuck hole for a hung jock cock to sink into and take for a ride, and Jason Goodman most definitely takes advantage of the offer and slams that hole until their big messy cum loads are splashing out of their dicks!

I think Johnny Rapid has most definitely earned the right to borrow Jason’s ride.

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