Being helped out by the help

Valentin Petrov knows how to do a job properly. He’s a laborer looking for work and our gorgeous Johnny Rapid has the perfect job for him too. Of course, it involves plenty of uncut jock cock being sucked as Johnny feasts on his paid man and gobbles him off, but when Valentin gets the chance to sink his cock into something tight, warm and wet, he’s on that sexy little ass in a flash!

We’ve all had that fantasy though, right? I know we’ve had some of this kind of hardcore on the site before, with Johnny taking advantage of a horny young plumber who came to check out his pipes, but this one is definitely hotter in my opinion.

Valentin Petrov is, without a doubt, one of the most gorgeous guys on the Str8 to Gay site. He’s so good looking and that immense muscled body is totally hot. But his big uncut jock cock is perhaps the most delicious thing about him.

Johnny gets to worship it and gets his own delicious shaft licked and sucked on too, but the sight of Valentin easing that thick and long piece of meat into Johnny’s ass is immense. You can see poor Johnny struggling to take it at first, but once he’s been stretched out a little he’s ready to get banged good and hard.

He gets some ass too though, of course. Valentin is ready to try taking it, and Johnny does a great job of showing the straight jock what a real manly fuck is like ;)

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