Johnny gets his hairy hole filled

This video is called “Cold Shower” and after seeing Johnny Rapid getting his ass stuffed with the hard jock cock of Ryan Rockford I think I might be needing a cold shower myself – or just a hot one after I’ve stroked out my cum load all over myself! lol

There’s no doubt about it, Johnny Rapid is one of the hottest guys on the Drill My Hole site. Although I’ve seen him as a pretty powerful little top in some of his other appearances, it’s the videos where he gets his ass fucked hard and rough by a dominant top with a rock hard jock cock that really get my balls churning to pump out a load.

I think Ryan Rockford is one of the best tops to really ram the lad too, he has an immense body, and his dick is one of the juiciest too. Although he’s starting off in this one enjoying a solo jerking session in the shower it’s not too long before he finds his little victim and gets Johnny on the floor ready to swallow his shaft for him.

He gets a thorough face fucking from the muscled hunk before his hairy little ass is really stretched out. If you get off on seeing a top totally pulling open a guys hole ready for his cock to slide in, you will love seeing Johnny on his shoulders with his boy pussy in the air and Ryan Rockford pulling it open ready for his shaft to dunk in.

Johnny Rapid’s hole is always a tempting sight, but that hairy ass getting filled with hard jock cock is the real treat in this one for me.

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