D8 Night on Str8 to Gay

I know a lot of you are going to be totally jealous of Evan Mercy in this video from Str8 to Gay, hanging out with hottie Johnny Rapid. I think we can all imagine the kind of fun we’d be able to have with this young hunk. Although we don’t have the chance to hang with him, we do get to watch as Evan goes from getting ready for a date to sinking his hard jock cock into Johnny!

Getting ready for a date was never like this for me. I did get plenty of hard cock bouncing around with buddies getting ready to go out, and there was a whole lot of jerking off going on over some hardcore too, but I would have loved to have sucked some of that jock dick and get fucked by a buddy back then.

This is what happens when two horny guys decide to help each other out and get each other cumming, with Evan Mercy sharing his hard jock cock with Johnny and sliding it into his hairy hole for a deep ride.

I know I’ve said it before, but I love the fact that Johnny Rapid is such a great mixture between straight boy and cock lover. You know what I mean? He comes across as a hot and horny little jock boy, but his lust for dick is undeniable.


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