Fucked by a straight guy!


Okay, I don’t know how convincing it is to have muscled jock Dylan Roberts playing a straight guy, because we have probably all seen him sucking plenty of dick and fucking a lot of jock ass over the last couple of years! But for this video on the Str8 to Gay site he’s the hot young muscled jock being asked by his chick to fuck the cum out of their young buddy Johnny Rapid!

I guess she’s a little freaky, and I think she probably gets off on the thought of her man sliding his jock cock into another guys ass. There’s no doubt about it I would be willing to take a fucking from the handsome and muscled stud, and I wouldn’t even care if she wanted to watch too! lol

Although Dylan Roberts is a little incredulous about it to start with, once Johnny Rapid is sucking and stroking his hard jock cock the guy is in ecstasy and really can’t wait to sink his shaft into the lads tight little hole.

Johnny gets a great fuck from that powerful top, slammed all over the bed until both these guys are jerking out their cum. Even if Dylan had been an entirely straight guy before this ass fuck, there is no way he would be able to go back how things were after this. Once a dude has been blown and his cock has been in a guys ass like this, he’s never 100% straight again!

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