Going gay on demand


I know there are a lot of chicks out there who really get off on the sight of guys fucking, I guess it’s like straight guys getting off on lesbians. There’s plenty of what you like to see all in one fuck!

In this instance it’s Johnny Rapid being asked to do the nasty and go gay for his female friend. I know that’s not exactly the most convincing thing, seeing as Johnny is a total cock hound these days and is never reluctant to share his dick with another guy. But it’s still hot whether there’s any straight guy cock in this scene or not!

Bryce Star is the one chosen to take that jock dick in his ass, but he gets plenty down his throat before that as Johnny feeds him and lets his girlfriend watch the live show.

Then it’s time for Bryce to take that straight guy cock in his fuck hole and get his ass pounded, and Johnny does a great job of it too.

I love the ending of this one, just two horny guys kicking back after a great fuck, jacking off and shooting their cum for all to watch! I love jerk off endings like that ;)

I have to say though, what’s with the chick not joining in? I don’t want to see that, but you have to admit no one would be able to sit back and watch these guys fucking without wanting to get in there! lol

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