Johnny gets a sausage fest!

When I hear the words “sausage fest” this is exactly what I think of. And who could blame me? This is the very definition in my opinion, and it’s one of the hottest recent additions to the Jizz Orgy site.

I want to say that our beloved Johnny Rapid is the star of the show here, but in all honesty there are so many gorgeous guys and delicious cocks being shared in this scene it’s hard for me to say that. All the guys are seemingly hand picked for their role in this one, but in reality you know they just got together all the guys who were willing to share their dicks out on the water and chucked them all in a boat lol

And of course it results in an intense gay orgy with every dick licked and sucked, every solid shaft jerked and pleasured, and some totally tight fuck holes filled in with leaking cock too.

Blaze, Tommy Defendi, Hayden Richards, Chip Young, James Hamilton, Cruize and Haigan Sence all have some cum to share in this sausage fest, with Johnny Rapid taking center stage – for me anyway – as all the guys get their freak on and do whatever it takes to get the semen splashing out!

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