Johnny in a Box 2

The incredibly disturbing and yet undeniably sexy doll known as the Johnny Rapid 2000 has shown up at Cooper Reed’s doorstep and he’s ready for a little Johnny in a Box action! There must have been a promotional special at the factory though because he also ordered the Tyler Sweet 2000 and is down for a hot threeway with both his new ‘best friends’.
He puts them in every position he’s been dreaming about, fucking and sucking both Johnny and Tyler for this hot hardcore Drill My Hole threesome scene. He even pushes Johnnybot to the limit with a hot double penetration scene as he and Tyler both slide their big hard dicks into Johnny’s tight robotic ass! I don’t know if there’s a buy one hottiebot get one free coupon floating around but if there is I’m gonna get me some of that action. Talk about your extreme couponing! You usually don’t see a nice big facial cumshot at the end of that show if memory serves me right, as opposed to this Drill My Hole photoshoot.

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