Tyler St James goes half gay for Johnny Rapid

What is it about straight guys being so reluctant to have their cock sucked by another guy? I don’t get it, it’s a blow job, why would any horny guy turn down getting his cock sucked by a guy, especially when he’s getting paid for it too!? Of course, plenty of straight guys do give it up, and Tyler St James is one of those guys who reluctantly agrees to feed a lad his dick for some cash, and then finds out he really loves it… the ass is next!

This is a little bit of a parody of some other hardcore out there. You’ve seen all the straight goes gay porn I’m betting, there’s no doubt it is fucking hot to watch! Watching the response as a straight goes gay for the first time and realizes how much fun it is makes it some of the hottest hardcore you could find.

For this one Johnny Rapid is playing the role of the fellow straight model jerking off his cock with the new guy while they wait for an imaginary porn babe to arrive and get it on with them. But of course she’s not gonna make it, and the director tells them that they could actually earn double if they get it on instead.

Johnny Rapid is totally fine with stroking and sucking that muscle hunks 8″ cock, and once he gets started Tyler St James is almost powerless to stop.

Gorgeous Johnny Rapid is able to offer more than just a sucking mouth, of course. Although the straight goes gay with that oral action, the temptation of sliding his lengthy shaft into another guys ass is too much for Tyler to pass up, and Johnny is soon on his hands and knees and taking a real horny fuck!

Mission accomplished, the straight hunk spews a hot cum load for Johnny by the end, and it’s another dude ready to share his meat with some more guys in exchange for cash.

I wonder if he’ll appear on some reality TV show in a year or two and try to claim that he “hated every minute of it” when his gay porn past is exposed? lol

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