Johnny Rapid gets fucked like a sex doll

There are some hotels where the service goes above and beyond what you might expect. In this scene from the Drill My Hole site I think they take things to the extreme though. If I could stay at a hotel where I could order up Johnny Rapid to take my cock like a fuck toy I don’t think I would ever leave!

I actually stayed in a real expensive hotel once when a guy I knew in a band was on tour and invited me over for a party. They showed me what it was like, ordering up a bowl of just red jelly beans, a lava lamp and a stuffed toy hippo. It took the hotel staff two hours, but they got it all together! lol

Ricky Sinz gets more demanding than that though, when the gorgeous Johnny Rapid “accidentally” drops his food all over the hunk. I’m not gonna lie, unless Johnny is prone to bizarre muscle spasms like that I don’t think it was the best acting I’ve seen from him lol

But it gets the rough gay fucking started, with dominant muscled and inked hunk Ricky flying into a rage (a totally convincing performance BTW) and ripping the boys clothes off.

Poor Johnny Rapid really gets thrown about the bed in this one, and even hung up by his nads too! I don’t know how he managed to carry on after that, but he does and Ricky power fucks his hot little ass and gives him the kind of rough gay fucking that would leave me bruised and aching for a month – but with a big grin on my face permanently too, of course lol

I actually don’t know which of the guys I would rather be in this one. I mean, I love Johnny Rapid and would kill to be able to use his ass and mouth and force him to cum a massive load like Ricky does in this one, but at the same time I couldn’t bring myself to give him the kind of rough gay fucking the dude does. And a part of me wishes I had a hunk like Ricky to force his cock down my throat and in my ass too.

Okay, I would rather be the hotel employee who walks in to find Ricky balls-deep in Johnny’s ass, and then get my cock out to join in and make it a threeway. How’s that for a compromise?! ;)

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