Johnny Rapid the hardcore top

johnny rapid and mike bft

It’s not too often that hot twink Johnny Rapid is the hardcore top in a fuck session but sometimes he makes an exception, as you can see from the fact that his friend’s sexy ass is riding his dick in this hot gallery!

Our beloved Johnny Rapid and his friend Mike were taking a much-needed coffee break at work and got to talking, and they both decided they’d rather head home and suck cock and fuck instead of going back to work. Can you imagine? I know it sounds crazy but this guy would prefer to suck Johnny Rapid’s lovely dick and get fucked in the ass by it than go slave away until the end of the workday!

These two cute fellas head back to Mike’s place and lose their clothes in about two seconds flat, hopping on the couch and getting down to some serious fucking action. Mike takes Johnny’s aforementioned penis in his mouth, enjoying every inch as he slides it into his warm waiting throat to the hilt before saddling up and riding that dick to orgasm.

Johnny tried to hold out as long as he could but if you know Johnny Rapid you know that when he’s ready to blow he’s just gotta blow! He pulls out of that tight ass and unleashes a flood of warm wet jizz all over Mike’s cute face. It’s a hell of a way to finish a workday and I think we can count on these two taking plenty more midday breaks in the future!

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