Johnny the fuck doll

This Drill My Hole update is one of the creepier things I’ve seen in quite a while but it’s still undeniably sexy at the same time…hot beefcake hunk Marcus Ruhl is relaxing at home when a delivery truck pulls up to his house and unloads a big wooden crate with a bow on it, apparently someone sent him quite a present!

He takes it inside and unpacks the box what’s inside? Why it’s a Johnny In A Box with nary a stitch of clothing on! Johnny Rapid is a lifesize and extremely lifelike fuck-doll that comes out of the box ready to go, as Marcus learns when he sucks on that cock a little and it gets hard as a rock. Johnny does a great job as a sexy mannequin fuckdoll, sucking Marcus’s big dick and bending over to get that tight ass rammed.

Marcus fucks him in a hot anal sex scene before pulling out and cumming all over Johnny’s smooth chest in a huge cumshot before packing him back up in the box for next time. Looks like a fun toy if you ask me but is it a little too creepy? Drop a comment on this update and let me know what you think.

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