Taking the plumbers pipe

Come on, admit it, you’ve had this fantasy too right? It might be a different role, like a decorator or gardener, but at some point you’ve had a gorgeous guy doing some work in your home and you’ve imagined him fucking you. You’re not alone! I think there should be a support group for this kind of scenario it’s so damn common.

Sweet Johnny Rapid has fitty Johnny Rocks (I’m thinking that is most definitely a porn star name lol) in his kitchen to fix the plumbing for this video from Str8 to Gay, but the lad has forgotten he has a stash of hardcore gay porn DVD’s in there ready to be discovered by his visiting contractor.

Erm, am I gonna say it? Hell yeah! Why the fuck is porn being stashed in a kitchen cupboard? Has Johnny Rapid suffered a bump on the head or something (actually, yes, he’s had plenty of bumps on the head in his hardcore gang fuck scenes lol)

In my day we hid our porn under the bed, or in the attic, or in a generally more SENSIBLE place. Kids these days huh?

Anyway, straight guy Johnny Rocks is like a lot of straight guys out there, one look at the cover of a hardcore DVD and his cock is solid and leaking precum. It seems that str8 guys don’t much care about the ratio of pussy to cock in a video, they just love seeing hard dicks being enjoyed. This is about how a straight guy goes gay when his dick is too hard to ignore.

So the contractor is soon hauling out his pipe and getting to work on fixing the problem, which is now more about getting the cum from his nuts rather than getting the sink working for his customer.

Thankfully Johnny Rapid arrives just in time to catch other Johnny pleasuring his meat pole and suggests that there’s another way. Basically, why fuck your hand when you can fuck my ass? Like I said, straight guy goes gay when he needs to cum so bad his balls might explode.

Of course, the guy is so horny after seeing those pics on the cover of his customers inappropriately placed DVD collection that he’s more than willing, and he’s soon stuffing his cock into Johnny’s perfect little jock butt and slamming his hole right there on the counter!

I don’t need to tell you that this one ends with a whole lot of cum splashing out, right? It’s a given that both these guys get their balls drained and end up being totally satisfied.

Kind of makes me want to break something and have some hot guy come over to deal with it. I wonder if the careful placement of some hardcore will have the same effect on a Polish builder paid to put up some shelves? lol


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