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Johnny Rapid Lessons from my Stepdad

The always sexy Johnny Rapid was busy putting the moves on his boyfriend Duncan Black and they were just having a little fun together when they see an older man masturbating at the door…Johnny’s stepdad Charlie Harding is enjoying the action and figures he can give a little advice to help the two along! Continue reading

Johnny in a Box 2

The incredibly disturbing and yet undeniably sexy doll known as the Johnny Rapid 2000 has shown up at Cooper Reed’s doorstep and he’s ready for a little Johnny in a Box action! There must have been a promotional special at the factory though because he also ordered the Tyler Sweet 2000 and is down for a hot threeway with both his new ‘best friends’. Continue reading

Johnny fucked in class

Adorable twink Johnny Rapid has been pulling straight A’s in professor Rocco Reed’s class but he’s not really sure why since he rarely turns in the assignments and has skipped a few days here and there. He heads in after class one day to ask what’s up but once he gets a glimpse of Rocco’s pants bulge getting bigger and bigger as they talk Continue reading

More baseball fun

It’s time to find out once and for all who gets to be on the ball team, and Andrew Stark is putting these four studs through their paces for sure! We’ve got Mike De Marko, Riley Banks, Hunter Page and of course our very own Johnny Rapid getting together in the locker room for a little pep rally, stripping out of their uniforms and sucking Andrew’s cock one by one Continue reading

Securing Johnny’s Release

It’s been a pretty difficult time for Johnny Rapid during his prison stint, as you may have seen from the first three parts of this series…he’s taken it up the keister in the showers, he’s made deals with the guards in exchange for getting pounded fore and aft with their dicks and nightsticks, and now he’s got to convince Landon Conrad the prison psychiatrist to sign off on his release form!

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Playing with balls

Sometimes the world of professional baseball can be pretty cutthroat…in this case, it’s pretty deepthroat! Riley Banks and our own Johnny Rapid are two ballplayers who are pretty evenly matched on the diamond, so since there’s only a single spot left Continue reading

Johnny the fuck doll

This Drill My Hole update is one of the creepier things I’ve seen in quite a while but it’s still undeniably sexy at the same time…hot beefcake hunk Marcus Ruhl is relaxing at home when a delivery truck pulls up to his house and unloads a big wooden crate with a bow on it, apparently someone sent him quite a present!

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Logan Vaughn gets four cocks from Johnny Rapid and Co

There are plenty of stories out there of guys getting hazed and having to do all kinds of kinky things from jerking off for an audience to sucking off his teammates or frat brothers. And although scenes like this one from Jizz Orgy are probably rare in reality, I know for a fact these things do happen! Logan Vaughn is the one getting plenty of cock and being educated in the art of pleasing his buddies in this video…

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Johnny gets a rub down

I know a lot of you are going to be imagining what it must be like to have the handsome Johnny Rapid in your hands for a rub down like Cole Harvey does in this video on the Str8 to Gay site, but alas we are not so lucky. But at least we get to watch as the boy gets more than the usual happy ending!

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D8 Night on Str8 to Gay

I know a lot of you are going to be totally jealous of Evan Mercy in this video from Str8 to Gay, hanging out with hottie Johnny Rapid. I think we can all imagine the kind of fun we’d be able to have with this young hunk. Although we don’t have the chance to hang with him, we do get to watch as Evan goes from getting ready for a date to sinking his hard jock cock into Johnny!

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Turning a straight guy on to cock!special-delivery-stg

Chaz Stone is just making a delivery to the hot young Johnny Rapid in this video from Str8 to Gay, and although I though that box might contain something else (come on, guys like that making deliveries in brown boxes?! lol) it turns out Johnny has a bit of a jock fetish.

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Johnny Rapid gobbles off his straight buddyjohnnys-hole-feat

Oh man, I love gay glory hole videos, especially when it’s a hot guy like Johnny Rapid doing the sucking, and especially when it’s a hot straight muscle jock like Sebastian Young delivering his cock too!

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Johnny gets a straight guys meaty cock in his asswrong-house-str8-to-gay

If you opened your door and found the handsome and built Daryl Prince Lords (what a name! lol) standing there you would want to get some action with the straight guys cock too right? He’s about to get his first experience with a dude, and Johnny Rapid is the perfect guy to give it to him!

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Hardcore gay wrestling for three horny boys!wrestling-trophy-str8-to-gay

There is absolutely no doubt about it, wrestling is the gayest sport on the planet. You have a load of young men at their sexual and physical peak, in tight outfits that show off their cocks and balls, and they rub everything together on the floor – gayest. sport. ever! lol

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Gay DP – Robert Van Damme style

We all know that young Johnny Rapid can really take some punishment in a hardcore video. This one from the Drill My Hole site shows just how horny he is for cock and some hard anal pounding, and he really gets it from Robert Van Damme in this awesome ass slamming gay DP video!

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Cleaning up – then making a mess!

I’ve said it once before, but I am always amazed at Johnny Rapid’s ability to get cock into almost any situation! This boy really does think with his dick, but it’s rewarding and means that he gets plenty of cock. This time it’s AJ Monroe making a deal to share his shaft with the horny guy in this video from Str8 to Gay, and although he might start off hetero, this gay flip flop fuck will definitely change him!

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Johnny comes out of the closet!the-closet-str8-to-gay

Can you imagine what it would actually be like to live with a horny jock boy like Tommy Defendi? He’s shacked up with his buddy Johnny Rapid, and the guys are pretty close. But Johnny doesn’t yet know about the dudes lust for cock, and he’s about to find out in this awesome jock threeway video on the Str8 To Gay site.

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Taking the plumbers pipe

Come on, admit it, you’ve had this fantasy too right? It might be a different role, like a decorator or gardener, but at some point you’ve had a gorgeous guy doing some work in your home and you’ve imagined him fucking you. You’re not alone! I think there should be a support group for this kind of scenario it’s so damn common.

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Johnny Rapid takes it like a bitch!

Oh it’s good to see gorgeous young Johnny Rapid back where he belongs, with cock sliding in and out of both ends and a cum splashed body by the end of it! I’ve loved seeing him in some real dominating roles in the last few videos on the blog, but this one from Jizz Orgy puts our gorgeous little cock sucker right back where he belongs, on all fours with massive dicks stuffed into his mouth and up his hot little jock butt!

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