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Johnny Rapid takes it like a bitch!

Oh it’s good to see gorgeous young Johnny Rapid back where he belongs, with cock sliding in and out of both ends and a cum splashed body by the end of it! I’ve loved seeing him in some real dominating roles in the last few videos on the blog, but this one from Jizz Orgy puts our gorgeous little cock sucker right back where he belongs, on all fours with massive dicks stuffed into his mouth and up his hot little jock butt!

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Johnny Rapid tops!

I guess we’re all used to seeing Johnny Rapid being the bottom slut he is in a lot of his videos, but when where’s plenty of cock in the room and another willing fuck hole to slide his rock hard cock into this boy is more versatile than you might expect! This is one gay jock orgy where he joins the party and dunks his dick into a willing bottom!

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