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Johnny gets a sausage fest!

When I hear the words “sausage fest” this is exactly what I think of. And who could blame me? This is the very definition in my opinion, and it’s one of the hottest recent additions to the Jizz Orgy site.

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Logan Vaughn gets four cocks from Johnny Rapid and Co

There are plenty of stories out there of guys getting hazed and having to do all kinds of kinky things from jerking off for an audience to sucking off his teammates or frat brothers. And although scenes like this one from Jizz Orgy are probably rare in reality, I know for a fact these things do happen! Logan Vaughn is the one getting plenty of cock and being educated in the art of pleasing his buddies in this video…

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What’s the perfect lube for a mechanic like Johnny Rapid?

Anyone who has ever been ripped off by a mechanic will love this video, especially if your mechanic was hot as fuck and had you leaking precum in your pants every time you had to deal with him! Trust me on this one, don’t deal with handsome studs who like to show off their muscles and cock bulge in tight blue overalls, they can see you coming and will most definitely take advantage – and not in the way you would want! lol

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