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Securing Johnny’s Release

It’s been a pretty difficult time for Johnny Rapid during his prison stint, as you may have seen from the first three parts of this series…he’s taken it up the keister in the showers, he’s made deals with the guards in exchange for getting pounded fore and aft with their dicks and nightsticks, and now he’s got to convince Landon Conrad the prison psychiatrist to sign off on his release form!

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Johnny Rapid makes a deal with the prison guards!

We’ve all heard the stories about what happens to hot guys like Johnny Rapid in the slammer, and we’ve seen a really hot shower fuck on the Drill My Hole site before with the gorgeous and massively hung Rafael Alencar using Johnny’s ass and mouth in a hardcore gay prison fuck scene. But this time the guards are getting in on the action and sharing the gorgeous young jock between them!

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Don’t Drop The Soap Johnny!

We’ve probably all heard about the kind of hardcore fucking guys get in prison, but although it’s probably more like being a bitch for a stinking biker daddy or a racist red neck with missing teeth, this is the kind of prison shower fuck that’s likely to get us all considering committing a crime! Gorgeous Johnny Rapid is about to experience the real deal at the hands of Rafael Alencar in this hardcore gay prison sex scene from the Drill My Hole site!

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