Johnny comes out of the closet!


Can you imagine what it would actually be like to live with a horny jock boy like Tommy Defendi? He’s shacked up with his buddy Johnny Rapid, and the guys are pretty close. But Johnny doesn’t yet know about the dudes lust for cock, and he’s about to find out in this awesome jock threeway video on the Str8 To Gay site.

I’m not entirely sure who is supposed to be the straight one going gay in this video. I guess it’s supposed to be Johnny Rapid, but we all know this boy loves the cock more than almost any other young lad in hardcore at the moment. Having Johnny Rapid playing a straight boy is like having Herman Cain playing Einstein!

But, you have to get the hardcore started with something interesting, right?

So here’s the deal, Tommy Defendi has his gorgeous jock buddy Haigan Sence over to hang out, and young Johnny Rapid is hiding in the closet after almost being caught sneaking about in there.
The guys are getting down to business and Tommy is gobbling off his buddy to much appreciation when they discover the stoweaway in the closet and drag him out to join in. And so begins a great jock threeway video with plenty of cock sucking and jerking, and both Tommy Defendi and Johnny getting their butts stuffed with dick!

Now, who exactly is going gay in this one? I think it’s probably Haigan Sence if I’m honest. In my opinion he’s the straightest player in the team here, feeding and fucking the other two until all three are unloading their cum for each other.

I don’t care about the whole straight going gay thing, I just care about seeing Johnny Rapid getting his hot little ass filled with some real meaty cock, and Tommy and Haigan have enough to satisfy even the greediest dick lover!

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