Travis Irons has his holes owned by Johnny Rapid and Boston Miles

Oh poor Travis Irons! The handsome criminal is on the run from the bounty hunters, and with good reason too. These bounty hunters are not your average guys looking to get paid for bringing in their perp, Johnny Rapid and Boston Miles like to claim their very own special bonus from the guys they catch!

Yep, believe it or not Johnny Rapid is playing the role of the mean bounty hunter alongside his partner Boston Miles in this horny scene from the Drill My Hole site.

And I’m the first to say “WTF?!” LOL

Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty sure that either of these gorgeous guys could handle themselves in a fight if they really had to, but for some reason they don’t really look like the type of guys you’d see out there tracking down delinquents of the law.

In fact, I would say that Travis Irons looks more like a bounty hunter in this hardcore gay threeway than either of the other two do!

But, ignoring the fact that Johnny Rapid is too cute to pull it off convincingly, and neglecting the obvious fact that Boston Miles is far too handsome and clean-cut to be earning his money chasing down criminals, they both put on a great performance teaming up in a hotel room to fuck the cum out of their captive.

There is no denying that although Johnny Rapid might have started out as the cock sucking victim back when these sites got hold of him, he has really come a long way and can now deliver that cock to some other hot guys in a hardcore gay threeway like this and totally own a scene.

I actually don’t know which of these guys I would rather be, but by the time the cum is erupting out all over that muscled physique I’m thinking I would love to be fed and fucked those two impressive cocks like Travis Irons is in this video!

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