What’s the perfect lube for a mechanic like Johnny Rapid?

Anyone who has ever been ripped off by a mechanic will love this video, especially if your mechanic was hot as fuck and had you leaking precum in your pants every time you had to deal with him! Trust me on this one, don’t deal with handsome studs who like to show off their muscles and cock bulge in tight blue overalls, they can see you coming and will most definitely take advantage – and not in the way you would want! lol

Johnny Rapid is the gorgeous young mechanic who is planning to get a little more cash out of Hayden Richards than he’s willing to spend, and of course the handsome stud doesn’t like the idea of that. But instead of just walking away, the guy decides that the lad needs a little education in customer service, and Hayden has just the tools for the job. He decides that a hard gay fucking is what the boy needs, and after delivering his cock the lad will probably think twice about ripping off the next guy.

Any Johnny Rapid fan worth their weight in cum will know that this boy gets thrown around a lot. His petite ripped little bod is perfect for it, and when the guy about to fuck him hard is a muscled man like Hayden it doesn’t take a lot to lift the boy and carry him off to a place more suitable for a deep dicking. And that’s exactly what Hayden does in this one ;)

As always, Johnny Rapid is reluctant at first, with Hayden shoving his cock in his face and then fucking his mouth, but Johnny soon discovers that he loves the taste of fuckmeat in his mouth and the juicy precum leaking from it.

Before you know it he’s greedily gobbling on Hayden’s tool and taking his big dick deep in his mouth, jerking himself off and then almost willingly offering his ass for a pounding!

Do I really need to tell you that Johnny gets a real hard gay fucking in this one? Probably not, he’s famous for being able to take it rough, and when you have a handsome and dominant guy like Hayden plunging his shaft in the boys ass you know it’s gonna be a pretty rough gay fucking he takes.

And it does of course lead to a whole lot of cum splashing out by the time both these guys are done too.

Now, the next time you get that bill from the gorgeous muscled mechanic and you feel a little reluctant to pay it, perhaps you should be thinking about a trade instead? I’m not suggesting you try to pick him up and carry him away like a caveman, but who knows, maybe the dude will accept your offer of a blow job or ass fuck instead? ;)

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